Sinnovial is a biotechnology company created in September 2015 in partnership with Grenoble Alpes CHU and University of Sciences. It is specialized in the development of innovative personalized medicine devices to improve the Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism (CIR) management in rheumatology (especially rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis). Our technology is based on the analysis of patients’ proteomic profile and the calculation of treatment response probabilities.
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Confronted with many available treatments, rheumatologists currently have little clinical and concrete scientific evidence to choose the right treatment. Patients themselves often face long and exhausting protocols before finding the effective treatment. We therefore want to improve the quality of life of the patients by preserving them from the risk of increased handicap and dependency.
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The SinnoTest® is the result of Pr Philippe Gaudin and Pr Athan Baillet academic research work, within the GREPI laboratory of University Grenoble Alpes UGA. The Sinnovial start-up was created to accelerate the technology development, through pooling of necessary skills required for placing this medical device on the market.
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