Does the SinnoTest® work now?
The SinnoTest® is currently in phase III clinical development, which means it is in validation process by clinicians.

When will the SinnoTest® be operational?
A large-scale phase test (on a panel of chosen and volunteer patients) is setting up to observe its performance under real conditions. First sales are expected for 2020.

How will physicians and patients know about SinnoTest®?
Rheumatologists will access to a scientific and technical training on the use of this assistance tool in therapeutic orientation to promote the adoption of the SinnoTest® (via the French Society of Rheumatology, the American Congress of Rheumatology, patients associations).

What are the advantages for the patient?
The clinical research process ensures patients to benefit from innovative devices. This is particularly true for pathologies which treatments are not yet fully satisfactory. The SinnoTest® will ensure patients to benefit from most efficient treatment for themselves and therefore to improve considerably their quality of life.


What is biotherapy?
The biotherapy is a biotechnology derived treatment. It makes it possible to precisely and specifically target a key molecule or cell implicated in disease process.

What is personalized medicine?
It involves treating each patient on an individual basis in accordance with genetic specificity and taking account of his environment, his lifestyle… All these factors impact the progress of the disease and the treatment efficacity.

What is proteomic analysis?
Proteomics is the science studying the proteome, or the whole set of proteins from a cell, an organelle, a tissue, an organ or an entire organism, at a specific moment and conditions. Proteins play a crucial role in the cell and body functions. (http://www.inserm.fr/dossiers-d-information/)

What is a biomarker?
A biomarker is a molecule (enzyme, hormone, metabolite …), or even a type of cell, whose presence denotes an event or a particular physiological status. (http://www.inserm.fr/dossiers-d-information/)