Sinnovial is a biotechnology company created in September 2015 in partnership with Grenoble Alpes CHU and University of Sciences. It is specialized in the development of innovative personalized medicine devices to improve the Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism (CIR) management in rheumatology (especially rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis). Our technology is based on the analysis of patients’ proteomic profile and the calculation of treatment response probabilities.

The right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time!

Our values


A patient. A treatment.
Medical developments must serve to everyone.
Today medical developments can help people affected by a chronic disease to access to more effective and personalized treatments. Sinnovial works towards these ends by providing its expertise and SinnoTest® technology to rheumatologists to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of people with Chronic Inflammatory Disease (CID).
Awareness-raising and action
As a biotechnology company, Sinnovial wishes to participate in raising awareness of care actors such as hospitals, biological analysis laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories. Now we act in our own way by developing a personalized and predictive medicine, provided by SinnoTest® prescription assistance software.
The aim of SinnoTest® is to enable the physician to improve his patient management by maximizing successful biotherapy treatment from the initiation of the medical procedure.

A patient. A life. Projects.