Confronted with many available treatments, rheumatologists currently have little clinical and concrete scientific evidence to choose the right treatment. Patients themselves often face long and exhausting protocols before finding the effective treatment. We therefore want to improve the quality of life of the patients by preserving them from the risk of increased handicap and dependency.

Our know-how
In response to such an observation, we took up the challenge of developing the SinnoTest®, a therapeutic guidance device that allows rheumatologists to prescribe the most effective treatment for their patients.
From a simple blood sample, the SinnoTest® is able to determine “a priori” the likelihood of biotherapy treatment response, through the analysis of the patient’s specific protein biomarkers. The SinnoTest® thus enables the biotherapy optimal selection.

How does it work ?

A patient. A life. Projects

In order to broaden the use of this practical, economic, ergonomic and predictive test, our objective is the quick launch of this first product on the market.